Case Study



Services Provided

Web Design

Client Goals

TechniPrint came to us with the desire to revamp their corporate website. We decided on a full redesign to include more product imagery, offer multiple calls-to-action and a mobile-friendly design. They wanted their website to serve as a more effective sales tool for new customers searching for industrial printing services. The TechniPrint team also wanted the ability to make simple edits without having to contact a web developer.

Our Strategy

After reviewing TechniPrint’s needs, we recommended a redesigned site utilizing WordPress to allow for mobile-friendly development as well as easy of editing. We also worked with the TechniPrint team to determine the proper sitemap and website structure effectively layout their service offerings. We decided on segmenting the navigation by “Services”, “Processes” and “Industries”. This allows customers to learn more information about all of the unique aspects of TechniPrint’s business including the industries they serve. Within each category, we implemented a sub-navigation to ensure users are able to easily navigate within the section of their choice. We then designed and developed the site to layout properly on all devices and include high quality images of TechniPrint’s work.


TechniPrint’s website is newly redesigned, mobile-friendly and presents information to porential customers in a much more effective way. We integrated multiple calls-to-action including a “Schedule Tour” to more effectively capture interest of customers interested in learning more about TechniPrint. The end result is a much more effective web presence for TechniPrint.


Increase in Search Rankings


Increase in Website Engagement


More Google Ads Leads


Reduction in Google Ads Spend