ACIST Medical Systems

ACIST Medical Systems is a manufacturer and international distributor of medical devices that specializes in creating equipment used by cardiologists. NorthWing Digital has assisted ACIST with translating their website into multiple languages and creating different versions of the site that can be managed by regional web teams. Our team continues to provide ACIST with web maintenance, support, and SEO.

Strategy and Execution:

Because ACIST has numerous web teams around the globe, their priority when approaching NorthWing Digital was to streamline the management and update process for their website. To this end, our team translated the existing site into multiple different languages and created several versions of the site that can be independently managed based on country, language, and market.
NorthWing Digital continues to provide web maintenance and support to ACIST, performing timely edits to keep the client’s sites updated and secure.
In tandem with this ongoing web support, our specialists are incorporating target keywords into web content for improved search engine optimization.
NorthWing Digital’s web design and development has helped ACIST better integrate into international markets, increasing their global web presence. With continuing web maintenance and SEO work, we hope to be a part of ACIST’s ongoing mission to supply specially designed medical devices to clients around the globe.

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