HomeShield Pest Control

HomeShield Pest Control is a residential and commercial pest control company offering environmentally friendly solutions to clients in both California and Florida. Owner Ian Morgan sought out NorthWing Digital to help increase the number of leads coming through his website. To accomplish this, our team is operating an ongoing multi-platform search ads campaign for HomeShield.

Strategy and Execution:

NorthWing Digital devised a multi-platform search ad campaign for HomeShield Pest Control to greatly increase the client’s online visibility and lead generation rate. We use Google Ads to target users searching for pest control solutions through a targeted Google Ads campaign along with Local Service Ads. Our team routinely optimizes the client’s search campaigns to reduce their cost per conversion and improve the click-through rate via A/B tests.
Our Local Service Ads have been particularly beneficial for HomeShield. LSAs have netted an additional 13,244 leads for the client, for a total of over 33,000 leads generated by NorthWing’s efforts.
NorthWing Digital’s digital marketing efforts have significantly increased site traffic and lead generation for HomeShield Pest Control. Our web advertising efforts have played a crucial role in realizing Ian Morgan’s dream of operating one of the premier pest control companies in the U.S.

Start Your Journey

At NorthWing Digital, we engage with potential clients by providing “Value First”. Our engagements start with a conversation about your goals, not ours. From there, our team works diligently to provide an honest assessment of your current efforts and a plan to help you achieve success. Whether or not you decide to work with us, you’ll leave the conversation with a deeper understanding of your marketing efforts and actionable insights to drive your strategy forward.

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