This large Minnesota law firm came to us with the goal of reducing their online marketing costs and optimizing their site to attract more clients. They chose us not only because of our competitive pricing but also because they wanted to work with a smaller, more agile firm that could provide them with more immediate, personalized service.


We decided to zero in on some of the specific practice areas they wanted to highlight including real estate, property owner litigation and mergers and acquisitions. Because the attorneys at the firm do a good job of writing their own articles, we made it a priority to optimize title tags so those articles would get more exposure, especially the ones that were created during the pandemic on topics such as PPP loans and employment law. We also applied these strategies when creating their Google Ads, positioning them as trusted experts in the legal field.


By making incremental changes, traffic to the firm’s website has risen exponentially, up by more than 200 percent for new users and 176 percent for the number of sessions since 2019. Additionally, with our help in promoting it, their Covid-related content has been read by thousands of people seeking answers during a very confusing time.

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There’s a lot of buzz about digital marketing, search optimization and paid digital advertising these days. If you are interested in growing your business but don’t know where to start, we’d love to hear from you.