CMP Attachments

CMP Attachments is a company that manufactures and distributes American-made attachments for excavators and other heavy machinery. NorthWing Digital has helped CMP Attachments increase their web presence through a combination of SEO and paid digital ads. Our team is running multiple campaigns, including Google search and display ads, YouTube ads, and written web content to help the client generate more leads.

Strategy and Execution:

NorthWing Digital has helped CMP Attachments increase visibility to its target customers throughout the United States through a strategy that combines paid digital ads and SEO. Our ad campaign has included a mix of highly effective Google search and display ads, along with YouTube ads to increase CMP’s digital presence and the amount of leads coming through the website. Our SEO efforts have involved improving CMP Attachments’ visibility by adding relevant website content that highlights the client’s heavy equipment attachment applications.
NorthWing Digital’s efforts for CMP Attachments have allowed for substantial business growth. Our SEO and digital ad campaigns continue to generate many new leads for this client each month. Through our ongoing efforts, we hope to help CMP expand their customer base and further establish themselves as one of the most trusted American manufacturers of heavy equipment attachments.

Start Your Journey

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