Abra Kadabra

Abra Kadabra is among the most successful pest and wildlife control companies operating in the greater Twin Cities metro area. Owner Matt Eickman approached NorthWing Digital for our help to update and rebrand the company’s website to be more appealing and accessible to users. We are also running multiple digital ad and SEO campaigns for Abra Kadabra to help the company achieve ongoing success.

Strategy and Execution:

While Abra Kadabra’s website was already performing well when NorthWing Digital entered the picture, the site was maintained on an outdated platform and overdue for a rebrand. Our team worked to update the website for improved functionality and redesigned the visuals on the site to reflect the client’s rebrand. NorthWing implemented a variety of conversion paths into Abra Kadabra’s new website, including sales enablement tools and chat features, resulting in a drastically increased conversion rate among site visitors.
NorthWing Digital is also managing SEO and digital ad campaigns for Abra Kadabra. Our ongoing SEO campaign involves adding written content to the website and strategically integrating target keywords to attract qualified leads for the client’s services. We’re also running multiple web ad campaigns for Abra Kadabra, including Google Search and Display Ads, YouTube Ads, and more.
NorthWing Digital’s web design and digital marketing efforts have been majorly beneficial to Abra Kadabra’s business success. By continuing to provide targeted SEO and digital ads, we aim to help Matt and his crew establish themselves as the go-to pest control providers in the Twin Cities area.

Start Your Journey

At NorthWing Digital, we engage with potential clients by providing “Value First”. Our engagements start with a conversation about your goals, not ours. From there, our team works diligently to provide an honest assessment of your current efforts and a plan to help you achieve success. Whether or not you decide to work with us, you’ll leave the conversation with a deeper understanding of your marketing efforts and actionable insights to drive your strategy forward.

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