Lifecore Biomedical

Lifecore Biomedical is a medical and pharmaceutical device manufacturing company that distributes products to clients worldwide. Lifecore Biomedical approached NorthWing Digital for help to make their website stand out from the competition with a redesign focused on improving aesthetics and optimizing user experience. We’re also running digital ad campaigns in multiple countries to help the client drive more leads through their website.

Strategy and Execution:

Lifecore Biomedical first approached NorthWing Digital for help to make their website stand out in the medical space, wanting to avoid the sterile look and feel that is common in the industry. Our team redesigned the website to incorporate brand imaging and colors as much as possible for an improved and consistent aesthetic across all pages. Additionally, we highlighted testimonials from current employees and created a new online hub for job applicants to bring a more personal feel to the Lifecore website. To optimize the user experience for better efficiency, our team developed an interactive form that automatically generates a detailed quote or a purchase order for the product selected by a user.
To maximize the digital presence of the new Lifecore website, NorthWing Digital is running Google Search Ads and YouTube Ads campaigns for the client. Within the ad account, we are targeting Lifecore’s Hyaluronate + CDMO services with the most relevant keywords to generate leads from multiple countries.
NorthWing Digital’s future efforts for Lifecore Biomedical will continue to focus on increasing the website’s SEO value, improving user experience and driving leads through a targeted Google Ads campaign. Our team is excited to help Lifecore achieve international recognition as a reliable pharmaceutical and medical manufacturer.

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