Website Uptime Monitoring: How to Reduce Website Downtime

The Importance of Website Uptime Monitoring

Website uptime monitoring is the simplest, highest value service that a web maintenance agency can offer to their clients. If you’d like to learn more about uptime monitoring and why it’s so crucial, just keep reading.

Understanding the Cost of Website Downtime

At NorthWing Digital, we automatically put all clients that are engaged in our maintenance services into our uptime monitoring software. This way, if a client’s website ever goes down, our team gets immediately notified that the site is down and we can begin diagnosing the problem and working to resolve it right away.

If you don’t have experience in website maintenance, you might not be aware of just how often websites go down; it probably happens much more often than you think it does. Websites can go down for many reasons, often as the result of minor server issues that easily get resolved by the hosting company. Other times, a website may go down because of a deeper issue that requires manual intervention. Knowing that your website has gone down as quickly as possible is essential to minimizing downtime.

The potential cost of website downtime is something else that needs to be considered. Should your website go down for a few hours during peak time on a business day, the true cost of all the business you’re missing out on could be huge. To better understand this, think about the lead flow you’re getting through your website on the average business day, and then consider how many leads you stand to lose if your website goes down, for example, between 9am and 4pm on a Wednesday.

At our agency, we set it up so that there’s an immediate notification to both us and our clients when a site goes down. This allows us to respond immediately and get the website back up as quickly as possible. This service is relatively inexpensive and crucial to minimizing revenue and lead loss suffered due to downtime on your website.

Downtime issues may sometimes be handled by a hosting company but, because these companies manage such a wide scope and scale of websites, you might be faced with a very long wait time to get your website up. The benefit of working with a dedicated web maintenance agency is that they can begin addressing downtime issues immediately and working diligently to get your website up as quickly as possible.

Do You Have Questions About Website Downtime?

If you’ve been having problems with your website going down and experiencing a lengthy period of downtime, reach out to NorthWing Digital today. We’d love to talk with you and explain our website uptime monitoring process in further detail.

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