Stop Missing Phone Call Conversions by Using Callrail

Phone Calls: The Most Commonly Missed Conversion Metric

Accurate conversion tracking is crucial for effective management of a digital marketing campaign. If you don’t have fully accurate data on the leads or conversions coming from your campaign, you can’t properly assess its ROI. The most commonly missed metric in conversion tracking seems to be phone call conversions. Continue reading to learn why this happens and how to more accurately track phone call conversions.

How CallRail Can Improve Your Conversion Tracking

If a visitor to your website clicks the call button, that’s very easy to track through Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics. However, it’s less straightforward to track when someone sees a phone number on your website and calls the number on their phone. This is an area of leads that often gets missed because it’s not as simple to track when it happens.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem: dynamic number insertion through software such as CallRail. When you use CallRail, you’ll install a script on your website that automatically senses the source a visitor is coming from and changes the displayed phone number accordingly. If you’re a Google Ads user, the script will identify you as one and switch the phone number to be a Google Ads specific number. This way, even if a user calls your website using their cellphone after seeing it on their computer, CallRail will accurately identify them as a lead from Google Ads.

CallRail’s dynamic number insertion is an excellent tool that allows for much more accurate conversion tracking. If you are managing digital marketing campaigns, you would be wise to invest in CallRail or a similar reputable phone call tracking software. Pursuing this option can allow you to more accurately keep track of how many leads your Google Ads campaign is generating.

Use Call Tracking to Bolster Your Web Marketing Efforts

If you feel like there’s a gap in the number of conversions you’re able to accurately track, working with CallRail could help you to close that gap. Contact NorthWing Digital today if you’d like to learn more about how call tracking software can be beneficial to your digital marketing efforts.

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