How to Use Search Impression Share to Improve Google Ads

How Much Should I Spend on Google Ads?

When clients discuss their marketing budget with a digital marketing agency, one of their most commonly asked questions tends to be “how much should I spend on Google Ads?” It can be difficult for a client to see the benefits of the Google Ads they’re running and determine an appropriate spend for those ads. One of the best – and most underutilized – metrics to determine this is search impression share. If you want to learn what this is and how it can help you determine your Google Ads spend, just keep reading.

How to Use Search Impression Share to Determine Your Budget

Your search impression share is the percentage of searches that your site is appearing for in the ad groups, keywords, and campaigns you’re running through Google Ads. Your search impression share can be a great reference point when trying to decide on an appropriate budget for your Google Ads.

If you’ve been running Google Ads for a while and they’re working but you’d like to be more aggressive with your web advertising, start by looking at your search impression share. For example, let’s say that you’re spending $1,000 a month on your Google Ads and your search impression share is 15%; this means that less than ⅙ of Google users are seeing your ad when an ad pops up for their search. This means that you have a lot of room to increase your Google Ads budget and, consequently, your ROI.

Where this gets more complicated is if you begin adding new campaigns in Google Ads, which will change how much you’re focusing on a particular ad group and affect your overall search impression share. However, for fixed campaigns where you have no plan to add new service areas, search impression share can be a valuable point of reference when you’re deciding how much to turn up your budget.

If your search impression share is around 15% or less, you can easily increase your Google Ads budget without adding in new focuses. But if you have a search impression share of around 75% or more at your current budget, you’ll probably see a better ROI by adding new ad groups and keywords to expand your focus.

Want to Learn More About Search Impression Share?

Search impression share is an important and underrated metric that can help clients and their agencies to better determine their Google Ads budget. If you’d like to learn more about how to utilize search impression share to optimize your campaign, please reach out to NorthWing Digital today.

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