Google’s 2024 March Core Update

Google Releases New Update Regarding AI Content

The implementation of AI content in the web marketing industry has recently become a hot topic in the wake of ChatGPT being launched. On March 5, 2024, Google released an update that may significantly influence search engine optimization (SEO) practices. This update to Google Core marks one of the first times that Google has addressed AI-generated content as part of their rankings policy. Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about this policy update and how it may impact your website’s searchability.

How the New Google Core Update Can Impact SEO

According to Google, “rankings changes will directly address low-quality AI-generated content that’s designed to attract clicks, but that doesn’t add much original value.” This is consistent with past Google policies, which follow a trend of insisting that SEO content must provide actual value to users and not be created for the sole purpose of driving traffic to a website. However, this marks the first time that Google has made specific mention of AI content in a policy update. This reveals that Google is focusing on the increased prevalence of AI content, which has proliferated on the web since the advent of ChatGPT. Google recognizes AI-written content as a new variable in their algorithm and has now expressed their intent to take action if this content is low-value.

Another notable take away from the March 2024 Google Core update is that automation is explicitly referred to as a “negative signal.” Essentially, Google is stating that websites using AI-generated content in an automated way to scale written content beyond what could be accomplished in a unique and AI-free fashion will be penalized in the near future. Historically, Google has used similar language to guide webmasters to adjust their content accordingly. In particular, this situation bears similarity to the 2012 Google Penguin update to address automated link-building. Inevitably, those who ignore such signals will be penalized at some point and their search rankings will suffer greatly as a result.

At NorthWing Digital, we’re cautious to adopt new technologies such as ChatGPT to minimize the risk that our clients will be penalized by Google. To be clear, Google is not outright banning the use of AI content. However, AI must be utilized only as a tool to bolster SEO efforts; allowing ChatGPT to write entire web pages without proper editing or insertion of more valuable content will result in penalization. Google has a strong track record of cracking down on websites who take advantage of such shortcuts.

NorthWing Digital Can Help Your Website Avoid Penalization

At NorthWing Digital, our web marketing team specializes in devising strategies to help our clients improve their SEO presence in this rapidly changing world of ours. Reach out to us today if you’d like to learn more about Google’s stance on AI and how your website can avoid being penalized.

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