Does Google Ads Spend Improve SEO Rankings?

Will Google Ads Improve My SEO?

It’s a question that digital marketing companies get asked all the time: does paying for Google Ads improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO)? The short answer is no – at least not directly.

A site’s organic search result rankings are not affected by whether or not the company is paying for Google Ads. Google is reliant on users being able to obtain the best information from their search results. If Google were to use a company’s spend to influence where their website ranks organically, it would disrupt that process and the search results would no longer be organic.

However, there is a longer answer to the question: while paying for Google Ads does not have a direct impact on your site’s organic rankings, it can still have a positive impact on your digital marketing campaign. Continue reading to learn more about how buying Google Ads can be beneficial to your company’s SEO efforts.

How Google Ads Can Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization is not a quick and easy process. It can take several months, sometimes over a year, for your SEO efforts to yield positive results for your business. Paying for Google Ads can expedite this process. By running Google Ads, you can start driving substantial traffic to your website in a single week. This isn’t to say that paying for Google Ads will give your company a fully optimized digital marketing campaign in just a few days. But if you’re going to launch a new website with a new service offering, Google Ads can get things moving more quickly, allowing you to accomplish in a few months what could normally take years of SEO work.

Another benefit of Google Ads is that it can serve as a balancing act for your digital marketing. If you have a particular category that you’re not ranking very well in for SEO, Google Ads can be a perfect solution to balance things out. By running targeted Google Ads in combination with SEO work, your company can generate traffic to all sections of your website, including particular sections which weren’t performing well based on SEO alone.

One more often-overlooked benefit of Google Ads is improved visibility for your data. Once upon a time, you could see almost all of your organic SEO data in Google Analytics. Unfortunately, this data visibility has been greatly reduced over the years, to the point where it can be difficult to determine which keywords are bringing organic traffic to your website. With Google Ads, because you’re paying for that traffic, you’ll gain much more visibility into your data. By analyzing the data generated in a client’s Google Ads campaign, your digital marketing company can gather valuable insights about how to structure your SEO campaign. Your digital marketing specialists will be able to see the exact conversion rate of certain groups of terms through Google Ads, which they may not be able to see through Google Analytics. This allows for SEO strategies to be pivoted to yield better results.

The Benefits of Consolidated SEO & Google Ads

In summary, while Google Ads may not directly improve your organic search performance, it can be a vital tool in your digital marketing arsenal. If you’re interested in learning more about search engine optimization and Google Ads, please reach out to NorthWing Digital.