When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and forced many businesses to close their doors, one of our small business clients in North Carolina reached out to us for help. The clients, who are part of the team at popular Charlotte restaurant The Goodyear House, knew they needed to find a way to bring in revenue and they were committed to keeping staff employed during the shutdown. That’s when they decided to open a new takeout-only restaurant called Scratch House Chicken and they came to us to create a website to get the word out about the new establishment.


We decided to go simple and let the mouthwatering photos of fried chicken sandwiches, french fries and salads do the heavy lifting. Additionally, we included the menu on the homepage along with plenty of calls to action including a “get in touch” form, links to order directly through the site and buttons to click to connect with the restaurant on social media. We also added a map with clear directions, parking information and hours of operation.


We built and launched the website within a week, and Scratch House Chicken became an instant success, feeding lots of Charlotte residents during the pandemic and giving them a break from the monotony of cooking. It also allowed the team behind The Goodyear House to make good on their promise of ensuring that their staff remain employed during such a challenging time. Winner winner chicken dinner? We’d certainly say so.

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