The owner of Incline Exteriors, an established roofing and exterior company based in Minnesota, came to us to create a more visually appealing website to attract new customers. The challenge was to improve the look of the current site while preserving the integrity of the SEO strategies that were already in place and bringing in $1 million per year in organic leads.


In order to make the site more attractive, we worked with a videographer to capture drone video footage of Incline’s work and featured it prominently on their homepage. We also added plenty of calls to action and features encouraging visitor interaction. Keeping the owner’s SEO priorities top of mind, we preserved Incline’s existing site content and broke it down into more digestible pieces that wouldn’t overwhelm potential customers but would continue to keep the company ranking high in Google searches. Additionally, we created fully optimized Google Ads featuring some of their largest, most specialized projects.


Aside from simply being more aesthetically pleasing, Incline’s new website is bringing in even more SEO leads than the previous version. Also, because we chose to take a targeted focus with our Google Ads, Incline is getting more traffic from that avenue as well. By integrating the client’s goals with our web design and SEO skills, we were able to create the perfect balance and the team at Incline couldn’t be happier with the results.

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