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Update Ltd.

Update Ltd.

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Client Goals

Update Ltd built a great business selling equipment, machine and parts to printing and bindery facilities. They identified that a higher percentage of their customers were turning Google to research information on machines and look for parts. Because of this, they came to us looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy to ensure they were connecting with customers looking for these items on the web.

Our Strategy

We began by consulting with the Update team to determine which product categories were the highest priority and how users were searching for these products. We then began our onsite optimization strategy by creating unique optimized content and optimized Title Tags for these pages.

After the initial re-index of these pages we determined that the Update site has very high relevance and ranking potential with Google. We learned that in addition to longer, more specific search phrases, the Update site had the ability to rank for very competitive phrases.

We now continuously work through Update’s sizable product catalog and optimize the categories, subcategories and individual products. We also provide optimized blog content to ensure the content footprint of the site is always growing.

Through this process we also identified opportunity for improvement in Update’s conversion process on their site. Their site is not a traditional E-Commerce site and requires an account sign up before purchases can be made. We worked with Update to develop a “Quote Cart” functionality to offer users the ability to select products and add them to a quote cart before creating an account.


Update Ltd’s SEO campaign has been amazingly successful. As a result of our work, Update now enjoys an 87.59% increase in organic search traffic. This results in over 15,000 additional visitors to their site per year through organic search. In addition to this, the “Quote Cart” functionality significantly improved their conversion rate and created a new flow of leads that did not exist previously.


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Additional Yearly Visits

NorthWing Digital has helped immensely with the growth of our online presence. It’s clear that they understand the most important aspects of not only search rankings but also of online marketing as a whole. I would definitely suggest them to any company looking to establish more customer relationships through web marketing.

– Charles Boynton