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OEM Heaters

OEM Heaters

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Client Goals

OEM Heaters had a long successful history of managing digital marketing in-house. However, with recent growth they felt they no longer had the means to effectively manage their SEO and Google Ads campaigns due to lack of time and resources. They came to us with the desire to improve their organic search traffic and decrease their reliance and spending on Google Ads.

Our Strategy

OEM Heaters sells a very high number of products that have unique specifications and uses. Because of this, we began with a targeted onsite optimization strategy that included sizes, specifications and very detailed information about each product. Due to the high number of SKU’s we felt we would be able to drive traffic with long-tail keyword searches across a high number of products. Because each product has a very specific size and use, searchers are looking for very detailed information which further supported the long-tail optimization strategy.

We also provide ongoing optimization of OEM Heaters’ Google Ads account to ensure efficiency of spend as well as making sure their paid strategy complements their organic search presence. By doing this, we have been able to reduce Ad Spend by almost 75 percent while maintaining consistent sales through the website.


OEM Heaters’ SEO campaign has generated significant growth in organic traffic and allowed them to spend less on a costly Google Ads campaign. Our strategy of optimizing product categories and individual products with very detailed specifications and information has resulted in very qualified traffic of users looking for specific products that suit their needs. The net result of our work is a significant increase in qualified search traffic and a reduction in Google Ads spend.


Increase in Search Traffic


Products Optimized


Reduction in Google Ads Spend


Increase in Ad Engagement