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Web Development

Client Goals

W Creative and Julieta came to us needing a development partner with the goal of creating a highly visual and functional e-commerce site for their line of luxury high heels. The primary goals of the site were to craft an amazing first impression on potential customers, allow for ease of purchase and create a platform that was easy to use on Julieta’s side for fulfilling orders. Our goal was to bring W Creative’s designs to life in a functional, mobile-friendly format to ensure ease of use and a seamless customer experience.

Our Strategy

We worked with the W Creative and Julieta team to determine the proper platforms that would allow for a seamless customer experience. We also discussed the need for easy order fulfillment, inventory management and return process that would allow Julieta to save time and focus on further developing their products. Collaboratively, we decided on Shopify as the E-Commerce platform because it met these needs and allowed for full customization of the front-end design. We developed an entirely custom Shopify theme to W Creative’s specifications. This theme is fully mobile-responsive and allows for ease of navigation on all devices.


Our collaboration with W Creative’s design team resulted in a stunning website for Julieta. The site features a video background as an impactful first impression on the home page, a seamless navigation to allow easy access to product information and a robust E-Commerce platform that allows for easy management. We are thrilled with the final result.


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