Case Study

Abra Kadabra Environmental Services

Abra Kadabra Environmental

Services Provided

Google Ads, SEO

Client Goals

Abra Kadabra came to us with a freshly redesigned website and the desire to drive more paid and organic traffic to their new site. They provide homeowners and commercial businesses with help controlling dozens of different pests across the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area.  They were also in the process of launching a wildlife control division and needed help increasing the exposure of these new services to both existing and new customers.

Our Strategy

This campaign presents the opportunity to provide laser targeted Ads and content to users searching for very specific pests. For this reason, we have created landing pages for all of the pests Abra Kadabra helps homeowners and businesses control. This strategy allows us to rank highly organically due to the relevance of the content on the landing pages. It also helps keep advertising costs low because the Ads are so closely related to the users’ searches.

Abra Kadabra’s services are very seasonal as different pests become active at different points in the year. We are able to launch and pause campaigns at their request to generate calls for pests that are in season.

We also worked with Abra Kadabra to expand the service areas included on their site and more effectively include the locations users are searching. This allows Abra Kadabra to expand their exposure organically across their entire service area.


Our SEO and Google Ads campaigns have allowed Abra Kadabra to create an entirely new lead channel out of their newly redesigned website. They have been able to significantly expand their pest control business while simultaneously launching a wildlife division without worrying about where new leads will come from.


Increase in Search Traffic


ROI from Google Ads


More Web Leads


Conversion Rate on Ads

NorthWing digital has been absolutely amazing for my company. They are extremely responsive to my needs as we are a business they changed with the seasons. Kyle and his team deliver time after time. We could not be where we are as a company without NorthWing Digital. I highly recommend this company.

– Matthew Eickman, Owner